Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Create for the door (again)...

With all the wreaths I have made, one would think I live in a house with 1000 doors.  The truth is, I only have 2.  But, I like to re-arrange and update and refresh and change my door decorations a LOT!

This berry wreath has been around my house for awhile, so I though it was time it got a makeover.  I used a large (5") letter "S"  for Starsky and small (1") numbers for our address and an oak leaf (from the 5 piece leaf set) all from Unique Laser Designs. Twinkling H20s are my new favorite watercolor and they added a sparkling shimmer to the oak leaf and to the numbers.

For the "S", I used Distress Stains, creating overlapping stripes along the grain of the wood and then I added some random criss-cross swipes with more Twinkling H20s.

I added that oak leaf with a removable adhesive so I can replace it with different shapes depending on the season.  I'm thinking an ornament for Christmas, a heart for Valentines Day, a bunny for Easter, a flower for spring.  Looks like I have some more creating to do!  Thankfully, Unique Laser Designs has a shape for every need and for every holiday!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Create a face...

It's all about the face...about the face...about the face. 

And these silly faces, from Unique Laser Designs, are pumpkin perfect for some spooky decor as autumn and Halloween come knocking on our doors.

I painted one side of each face with acrylic paint (different shades of orange).  I stamped a pattern on each with clear Versamark embossing ink, and then poured on UTEE (ultra-thick embossing enamel), shook off what didn't stick, and used the heat gun to watch it rise.

On the other side of each face, I glued on a sheet of patterned paper (I used the wood pumpkin as a stencil to get the perfect shape). I LOVE how the patterns show through the detailed cut-outs of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next, I laid down twine to connect the three pumpkins and then glued another patterned paper pumpkin shape over that .

Included with the ULD pumpkin pack, are the "negative shapes" from the laser cutting process.  PERFECT for adding dimension as I used these "leftovers" to create MORE faces.

I tied some ribbon scraps on the twine and this is ready to spin and hang as a greeting to your Halloween visitors. EEK!


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