Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whatever is teeny tiny...

I know I'm not the only one trying to find more time to scrap.  Let's face it, there are only so many hours in each day, so I'm really not going to find more time.  But, I've been fooling myself into thinking I have more time by being more efficient with the time I have.  

Painting, knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts are a great source for inspiration.  This page above is based on a quilt block that fellow Scrapstreet writer, Smitha Katti is doing as her Quilt-Block-a-Month for the Fiskars website.  It's a time-saver. 

Just a quick shout for this new POW Micro-glitter Paper from American Crafts.  No more glittery fingers, eyes, nose, lips, counters,socks, (do you get my idea?).  This thin, contained paper gives the same ultra pizazz as other glitter papers, but without the mess. And, it's punchable!  Check it out!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whatever fits in your arms...

As I look at these pictures from November 2010, it is so hard to believe that this little bundle is now the big beast that is lying at my feet.  I'm talking about the dog, although I will say my son has grown to be quite a large beast too in this last year!

Sketches are my friend, and this sketch is one of the PageMaps from January.  Check it out here...
When I have a pile of photos (I refrained from making "pile" plural just to fool myself into thinking that there really is only ONE pile), sketches are my "go to".  It's just a quick way to kick myself into moving.  Sometimes I use the sketch exactly how it is, and other times it is just the firecracker I need to get an idea for photo or title placement.  Once in awhile, I make a sketch.  And then, I follow it!  It's a great activity for when I am in a boring meeting or sitting in the car (not driving).  Others may think that you are just doodling, but you are being efficient, AND it makes scrapbooking portable!  Try creating your own sketch and leave a link to it in the comments below--I'd love a little kick start!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whatever is cool...

Over on the Fiskars website, Smitha Katti is designing a quilt block a month.  I am NOT a quilter (nor do I portray one on TV), but I decided to adapt and am going to make a scrapbook page each month based on her design.  Here is the first one...

Chevrons are so "IN" right now and I've never tried to make them before.   I drew a center line down my paper and lined up different width strips to make the chevrons. I let the strips all hang off the side of the paper as I worked from the center, and then trimmed them off when the pattern was done. I needed a cohesive group of photos that wouldn't compete with the chevron pattern and decided to use these photos of my son.  A dedicated scrapper, I scrap any season, anytime.  Thus, on this day after Valentines Day, you get FALL.

Want to join me in this monthly undertaking?  Check out Smitha's project here...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

whatever is simple...

While some may think that this Valentine isn't so simple, I must say it's the easiest one we've done in recent years.  A cute photo of the girl with her arm up, punch a couple of holes, add some sentiments, glue on patterned paper, stick in a sweet treat... simply cute!  Got the photo idea from Pinterest (oh good, I finally made something from Pinterest and didn't just waste time surfing). 

Wishing you a simply sweet Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whatever is loved...

Banners are one of my favorite things to make, but one of my least favorite things to take a photo of. At home, I hang banners between the dining room and kitchen. When it is hanging, it is not a great photo opportunity because you get the distracting background of the windows and the curtains or the front door. If I put it on the floor, you see all of the dust bunnies and muddy dog and kid footprints. On the dining room table (which is what I did), I have to stand on a chair and try to avoid the overhead light (which was needed since it is cloudy and snowing right now). Ugh! The things we all go through to get a decent photo.

But onto the banner...
I pulled out everything pink, red, and Valentiney.  The background paper is from We R Memory Keepers (Love Struck).  The, stickers, material, paper doilies, and ribbon are a mix of old and new. I used some old, unwanted CD's as the circle base for the letters, and then covered them in patterned paper. I embossed the letters and then Stickled along the pattern for a little more pizazz. I tied on the strips of ribbon and material (this is the time-consuming part) during some TV time. Multi-tasking...I love it.

Love You...for taking the time to visit.
Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your loved ones.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Whatever is a valntin...

The title above isn't a spelling mistake. Well, actually it is, but it is really an everyday moment captured.  It's these moments where my daughter wants to write messages on her easel chalkboard all of the time.  ALL of the time.   This picture is from last year, but right now, she's practicing her cursive on that same chalkboard.  Everyday.  I know this won't last forever.  I know that these moments where she still wants to sit on my lap, still wants to get love notes in her lunch, still wants me to do her hair, and still wants to make her valentines with me won't last.  So, it's these everyday moments that are "scrap-worthy". 

One day when she is much older, she may ask,
"What did I like to do when I was little?", and I can say,
"Write on the chalkboard. Everyday. And I have a scrapbook page to show you."

Here is your challenge today...scrap something that you really don't want to forget.  Capture an everyday moment.