Friday, January 31, 2014

Create organization (and sparkle)...

I believe January should always carry a little sparkle with it leftover from Christmas.  In this case, I was inspired by the sparkle of a little old Italian grandmother.  She was my college roommate's grandma and she was definitely a sparkle.  One of those people that you never forget no matter how long it has been since  you've seen them.  She passed away a few weeks ago and I sent this tag/card to my friend with sympathy. 
I watercolored the tag and then heat embossed some patterned stars with clear sparkly embossing powder (it doesn't show up on this picture very well but is subtle and really pretty in person).  Lace, buttons, and a big sparkly star for her big, sparkly personality.  Rest in peace Grandma Mary.
If you hurry, you can post your sparkly star or project with a New Year resolution over to Scrap it Girl...the January challenge ends today.

It is also "Favorite Things Friday" over at Scrap it Girl and we are talking organization.  One of my favorite organizational ideas is this large clear over the door shoe holder that I use for my punches (I probably need another one because what you don't see is my storage drawer full of MORE punches).  Head over to Scrap it Girl for some awesome ideas for your scrap collection(s) and link up your great ideas. 
I'll be back soon as we head into February (I heart hearts)!


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Create a RAK

What is a RAK you ask?  RAK stands for Random Act of this case it is a random act of crafti-ness (and yes, crafti-ness is a real word).  Several months back, I created a post on Facebook asking for 5 people who would like to receive a RAK from me sometimes in the future.  I know it is not so random if you are asking, but several months have passed and I bet that most of those responders have long forgot that they are going to be getting a handmade gift.  I ended up with 6 quick responders and 2 people have already received their RAK.  The last 4 are getting some card sets.

Since this "polar vortex" doesn't seem to have an end in sight, I have been using up scraps and playing while I catch up on my game shows.  After all, I can't keep cooking and baking (and EATING) all the time!

When making card sets, I like to keep a common design base, but then change up each card a little bit.  All of these cards have confetti and that embossed doodle background, but after that I changed the color schemes and sentiments and ribbon so that they are all a bit different.

These cards and quick, simple, and hopefully will make someone smile when they open their mailbox.


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Monday, January 27, 2014

Create a celebration...


Just a quick post as I settle into hibernation mode in the craft dungeon.  "Polar vortex" (come on, who thinks of these?) again here in Wisconsin with wind chills in the minus 40s for today and Tuesday.  One of my continuing "art-ventures" in 2014 is as a Design Team member for Linnie Blooms.  Linda Barutha, Linnie Blooms owner, is spreading the wings of her business and is now selling her canvas mixed stitch media products through her own creative reps.  You can see the catalog of goodies here
and find a rep to host your own art creation party here.

Today, I played along with the January sketch challenge.  I used a 5x5 Linnie Blooms canvas blank as a background for layering some birthday wishes.  I created the dotted background by just letting my Copic markers seep into the weaving for a moment. 
I think that so often people are afraid to be crafty or artistic because they think they need to spend a lot of time on their creation.  Sometimes, simple and quick is just enough to get a few moments of relaxation.  A simple hand-made card is so appreciated by the recipient.  It shows that you will take time out of your busy chaos to let this person know that they are special enough to receive something hand-made and one of a kind.  Now, that is a gift!
So, what are you going to create in your 10 minutes today? 
Don't forget that you can play along with the Linnie Blooms sketch challenge right HERE until January 31st.


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Monday, January 20, 2014

Create something new...

I was so busy being all "hearts" and "Valentine-y" last week, that I forgot to post my "ONE little WORD" for 2014.  As you might have guessed from the titles of my last two posts, my word is "CREATE".  I pondered many words and at first I thought I wanted something very powerful and full of strength (because Lord knows I need some power and strength lately), but I liked the versatility of "create" and what it means for myself, my feelings, and my art.
One of my first new adventures in 2014, is to join a Facebook group started by Kelly Hoernig, called "art aMUSEment".  It is a 52 week challenge to create a card (I'm using old math flashcards) following the prompt that we are given each week. I can't wait til Mondays to find out what each week's "word" is.  This last week, it was "artist", and I chose to imitate Georgia O'Keefe's art with a large flower and a quote from her.  The flower stamp is from Unity and I love it's simplicity and elegance.
The first week, our word prompt was "box".  I found this kind of tough, because I just kept thinking of box in the literal sense of the word.  I couldn't think "outside the box"! HA!  HA! HA!  I ended up playing with my new favorite DCWV stack--Burlap Stack.  It's a 6x6 pad of paper-backed burlap and I think it is AWESOME!  So, I decided to stick with my literal translation of "box" and had a party in a box.  Pretty simple for the first week, but hey--I was easing into this weekly challenge.
The second week word prompt was "STAMP".  I stamped a stamp and used a Fiskars postage stamp  to cut and pop it up after I heat embossed with some sparkly black embossing powder.  This would be a perfect start to a Valentine, but I'm keeping all of these art aMUSEment cards together and want to make a mini-book or slide them all onto a large ring.
Stay tuned...more cards will be coming least one each week.  Unless I get behind and have to start lumping them together.  But, it's early in 2014 and I am thinking positive that I will be able to maintain a timely schedule. 
Have you started something new in 2014?  Do you have a "one little word" to motivate and inspire you?  Please share!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Create some love...

I'm thrilled to be sharing my next long canvas blank with you in my vellum mason jar series. If you missed my other canvases (fall and spring) you can see a peek at the bottom of this post. This week I'm playing with hearts!
I decided to go with a different background this time, even though I did love painting the chevrons with Scotch blue painters tape before. I randomly stamped small hearts in different shades of red and pink (it was a good way to test which of my ink pads were drying out). I used acrylic paint to create a black/pink border which really seems to help it look complete--like a frame.

I cut out my vellum jar, inked the edges, and added some Stickles (rock candy) for some bling. After I painted my Linnie Blooms canvas hearts metallic red, I used a Papertrey Ink gingham background stamp with white ink to add even more texture. I used some decorative paper straws as my "stems" and added a few felt hearts in with the canvas ones. I also twisted some knots in some Linnie Blooms textures and I love the way they add one more unexpected element to the bouquet.

One of my new favorite finds is this "burlap paper" from DCWV. It's still able to fray like traditional burlap, but it provides a stable background for my LOVE stamp. When it comes to a sentiment, you can't go wrong with the Beatles! I love to use song titles and lyrics in my designs.
Valentine's Day will be here soon! Time to add some hearts all around the house!


Friday, January 3, 2014


Right now it is hard to believe that another year has gone by.  It is a year that I am happy to say goodbye to.  I want to BELIEVE that this next year is going to bring with it many blessings. 
I had a very difficult time deciding what my "one little word" should be this year.  In 2012, my word was "whatever".  In 2013, it was "be".
Here is the re-cap...
Be ready to celebrate
Be decorating
Be warm
Be wrapped in love
Be secretive
Be seasonal
Be daring
Be thankful
Be kitchen-inspired
Be seasonal (again)
Be a story teller
Be ready to soar
Be a friend
Be hopful
Be a singer
Be different
Be meditative
Be a memory keeper
Be on time
Be mixed up
Be a participant
Be out of the ordinary
Be scrappy
Be open
Be transported
Be prepared
Be excited
Be red, white, and blue
Be a saver
Be a gift-giver
Be the photographer
Be clever
Be open to new friendships
Be pushed out of your comfort zone
Be hoppy
Be a stamper
Be surprised
Be a light
Be earth conscious
Be my valentine
Be simple
Be efficient
Be warm (even when it's cold)
Be lifted
Be challenged
Be ready
and here are some of my favorite projects from this year


I'll be back soon with the announcement of my "one little word" for 2014 and some new projects.  Thanks for being a fan of my blog, blabbing, and blunders.
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