Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be a light...

Maybe because it is in the name of our parish, Lumen Christi,  but I am drawn to the light.  I always pay special attention to phrases, poems, and Bible verses that contain the word "light".  It is like God is constantly reminding me about light.  Without looking for it, it seems to follow me. 

Today, I made a page about one of the lights in my life.  Actually, 4 lights in my life.  This is one of those moments where they were all happily playing and being silly while they decorated the Christmas tree.  Peacefully. 

I don't always use a full sheet of busy patterned paper for a background, but somehow this seemed to work.  I don't think I've ever created a red and turquoise Christmas page either.  I don't think I've created any page with red and's an interesting color combo.  Somehow it seemed to work.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
Psalm 119:105
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Be earth-conscious...

The time has come...
I have outgrown my itsy bitsy jar for washi tape storage that I had convinced myself was the only container I would ever need.  But when you walk past the clearance aisle and see "adorable" tape for $1, what is a girl to do?  Ignore it?  I tried. 
So, I added 3 more rolls to my collection and now my itbsy bitsy jar is too small.  Empy almond jar to the rescue.  I am recycling and earth-conscious!  One less plastic jar into a landfill!
I simply placed strips of tape around the sides of the almond jar.  Ran another strip around the top of the lid and added some alpha stickers that I stuck onto some lightweight cardboard (cereal box--more recycling).
Now, I have convinced myself that this is the only container for washi tape that I will ever need.  For now.


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be my Valentine...

All that time I have spent "Pinteresting" has finally paid off!  I saw this one here, (Iheartnaptime).  My daughter helped me make these for her class, and my son liked them so much, he wanted them for his class too. 
Very simple...
We cut out blue circles for the "water" and trimmed the top with scalloped scissors to look like wavy water. 
We printed labels that say...

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I am so happy
we are in the same “school”!
We threw some Swedish fish in a plastic sandwich bag and tied the bag with a twine bow.

Do you make your own Valentines? 
 I still have to finish the ones for my family.  I'll show those tomorrow (hopefully).


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Monday, February 11, 2013

Be simple...

I love a good challenge.  Emma's challenge over on the Fiskateers site is  "Less Is More".  I am certainly guilty of not knowing when to stop.  I have been known to put on one button too many, a flower too big, or so many layers that I can't slide my page into the page protector. 

I saw this as an opportunity to catch up on some thank you notes I need to send.  I punched a Fiskars "funky heart" at the top of the front of the card and then attached a silver heat embossed "thank you" with washi tape.  I punched another "funky heart" out of patterned paper and placed it on the inside, popped up (within the negative space of the cover).

On the inside...from the bottom of my heart.
Emma, thank you for the simple.


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be efficient...


I'm not always the most efficient when I am away at a crop.  Between chatting with friends and feeling like I'm going to want something that I left at  home (despite overpacking and bringing a ton of "stuff"), I don't always get a lot done. 

If I had a plan, instead of throwing supplies in haste an hour before I leave, maybe I would be more efficient.  

This past Saturday was a little different.  I got quite a few pages done and then was inspired to be really efficient.  I used a birthday paper pad from My Mind's Eye and this cute owl stamp from Close to My Heart to create 10 cards in a jiffy.
They were all inspired by the design of this card above that we created at the Make and Take table.  My daughter will love all of this glittery goodness as her valentine!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Be warm (even when it's cold)...

It's cold. 
And, I don't like it. 
I'm not a summer girl either. 
Really, I'm a fall and spring kind of a girl. 
Rather than mope until April, I'll try to trudge through the winter. 
The Scrap It Girl Challenge for February is "material". 
Fluffy, wooly, soft, silky, fuzzy...whatever you want! 
Add it to your project and show it off!  There's a great prize package for the winner.  Last month we had over 50 fabulous entries--it was so hard to pick a winner.  But, it could be you this month! 
Head over to Scrap It Girl and show us how you are a "Material Girl".  Do you hear Madonna singing?
On my project, I added felt mittens cut from a Sizzix die, and I made a felt hat by hot glueing the end of a long rectangle of felt to itself.  I turned over the edge at the bottom for the brim.  And I gathered the top with a piece of twine.  Easy peasy and NO SEWING--(even though I probably could have sewn it because it would have been straight lines after all---hee hee).
The "COLD" is fuzzy because I added some white Flower Soft to the top.  It makes it look just like it snowed on my layout. 
So, are you embracing the cold or holding out til April? 
Whichever it warm!



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