Monday, September 24, 2012

Whatever is lifted...part 2

Still celebrating another year of "lifting" over at the  Fiskateer site...
for the Lift Off-Lift the Same Name Challenge, I was inspired by the design of this great flower from Kelly #1017 (see her flower here)
 I cut a strip of paper 1 1/2 inches wide and then punched the strip with my Fiskars Threading Water border punch.  I cut a strip at the dip of each scallop to get the "petals" of my flower and then started arranging and gluing them onto a punched 2" circle.

For the center, I cut a circle and placed it in a bottle cap.  I put some Glossy Accents in the center and pressed some beads into the puddle.  I topped everything with more Glossy Accents, and set it aside to dry (for  a    L   O   N  G    time).

This page design comes from a sketch over at Scrapbook Challenges, sketch #309.  This site remains one of my favorites for sketches.  This layout was chosen as a gallery gem for the week of August 24th over on the Scrapbook Challenges blog.

If' I'm posting Halloween layouts, it must be fall!  Who am I kidding, for my regular followers, you know it very well could be February and I would be posting Halloween layouts.  But, it really is fall!  The temps are getting chilly at night, we've even had frost in the garden!  It's my favorite time of year and I'm taking lots of pics to scrap for the future...I'm also trying to get some yard projects done---eek!


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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whatever is lifted...part 1



    ·raise something; to move something from one position to
another, higher position
· take something from place; to grasp something and
move it somewhere else
· cheer somebody; to make somebody happier or more
In scrapbooking, lifting means being inspired by someone else's design.  In fact, being inspired so much, that you take bits and pieces (maybe color scheme, or the photo placement, or the embellishments, or the title, etc.) and infuse them into your own creation.
Fiskateers have their own group, called the Liftateers, that are avid "lifters".  Each week, we honor someone's page layout by putting our own spin on their design.  Liftateers are celebrating another year of lifting, by having a "Lift Off" this weekend over on the Fiskateer site.
I am hosting the "Lift MORE Love" challenge.  I lifted this layout design from Carol's page (seen here ). As you can see, I kept the stamping that Carol had behind her picture (I love this lined polka dot pattern from Hero Arts), but changed the color scheme (hers was a monochromatic white on white) and the flower embellishments to snowflakes.

I used a Sizzix die-cut with felt to create the mittens and added some twine to connect them. It's a Sizzix texture plate that gives the silver paper its dotted embossed pattern.

From the definitions at the top of the page, you can see that "lift" also means to cheer somebody.  I don't know about you, but I would certainly feel lifted if someone was inspired by my creation! 
Part of the "cheer" comes from making sure that you go back and tell the person you lifted how much you appreciate their work, that's called "leaving love", and telling everyone where you got your inspiration from (it also prevents "lifting" from being called "swiping").  I left a bunch of love for Carol--thanks again Carol!


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Monday, September 17, 2012

Whatever is outside the lines...

Do you have a rebellious side?
Me, not so much.
You'll never find me on a bungee jump.
I don't have a need for speed.
While I'm sure the view and the experience is fantastic, I won't be booking any trips to Nepal to climb Mt. Everest.

While others may live for adventure, I let my wild side out while I'm creating. Now, I don't go crazy and shoot color out of a paint gun, roll around with my body covered in paint, or throw knives at paint filled, suspended balloons.

But sometimes, it's nice to break the rules a little bit.
So for these cards, I stamped these images in black (the large botanical image is from Kaisercraft, the sentiments are from Hampton Art), and rather than color them in, I mixed a little water with some colored ink and splattered. Drip, drip, drop!

Now, a kindergarten teacher might encourage you to color in the lines, but me--I'm a paper art rebel. I say "Go for it"!
Look for more watercolor techniques in the next issue of Scrapstreet that will be posted on October 1st.
I'd love to see your watercolor rebellious side!


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Friday, September 7, 2012

whatever comes together...

Sometimes the fastest way to a scrapbook page is with a collection.  I am not one to remember the names of paper patterns or if I bought stickers that match the patterned paper, but this time, I remember!  One, because I LOVE it, and TWO, because I just bought it recently.   A trip to Archivers had me roaming the aisles looking for something I could use with this Florida photo of my little girl and her sand ball.  BING!  I found it with this "Splash" collection from Little Yellow Bicycle. 
I bought the paper and the "clear cuts" embellishments to make this page go together so quick and easy.  Sometimes, when I look at my stacks of photos that I want to scrap, I'm all about quick and easy.  Archivers had this flower punch that reminded me of starfish (although, my children have told me that starfish are now called "sea stars" because they are not really a fish).  So, I punched a bunch of those out of some brown kraft and metallic gold papers, and used sand paper for my title (sniped that from my husband's tool box).  I'm going to give a little shout out to Glue Dots too--they are invisible behind those LYB clear cuts--how awesome!
 I didn't feel like this page needed anything else. 
I love the page. I love the sand ball. I love the photo.
And, I love that little girl.


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