Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whatever fits in your arms...

As I look at these pictures from November 2010, it is so hard to believe that this little bundle is now the big beast that is lying at my feet.  I'm talking about the dog, although I will say my son has grown to be quite a large beast too in this last year!

Sketches are my friend, and this sketch is one of the PageMaps from January.  Check it out here...
When I have a pile of photos (I refrained from making "pile" plural just to fool myself into thinking that there really is only ONE pile), sketches are my "go to".  It's just a quick way to kick myself into moving.  Sometimes I use the sketch exactly how it is, and other times it is just the firecracker I need to get an idea for photo or title placement.  Once in awhile, I make a sketch.  And then, I follow it!  It's a great activity for when I am in a boring meeting or sitting in the car (not driving).  Others may think that you are just doodling, but you are being efficient, AND it makes scrapbooking portable!  Try creating your own sketch and leave a link to it in the comments below--I'd love a little kick start!


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