Thursday, May 24, 2012

whatever is my style...

10 things about my scrapbooking...

I am a simple scrapbooker.

I tend to use lots of photos on my page.

I like bold, vibrant colors.

I prefer solids and textures over patterns.

I like to mix and match alphabet stickers.

I don't buy a lot of embellshments; I'd rather make them myself.

I like my pages "flat"; 3D and bulky aren't for me.

I scrap in 12x12 size.

I prefer to buy paper in stores rather than online;
I like to touch and see it.

I am inspired by everyday things...
shower curtain patterns, song lyrics, artwork, recipe photos.

I tell you these things, because as much as I love to read about new scrapbook trends, I don't easily jump on the bandwagon. 
However, I must say that I have been admiring  
all of the designs with chevrons.

So, I wanted to share with you a SIMPLE way to
create your own chevrons.

I started with a 4x12 sheet of paper and scored it at 1 inch increments.

I've found that by pulling the cutting bar off my paper trimmer, I can make great score lines by following the groove with a stylus (a pencil works too if you remember to do it on the backside of your paper).

Fold the paper in half, and then in half again along the score lines.

Place the long twice-folded strip into your paper crimper on a slant.

Squeeze hard as you crank the paper through
 (remember you are crimping four layers of paper)

Open up your paper and you've got CHEVRONS!

Add some painted doilies, paint splotches, photos, bright paper (dug out the Paper Edgers to make the edges "fancy"), and
alpha stickers to create one hip and trendy page.

So what is your scrapbook style? 
Are you hip and trendy?