Friday, November 19, 2010

If It's Groovy--my DT swan song

I have had a blast being part of the If It's Groovy DT. It was my first DT and will always have a special place in my crafty heart. I've decided to take a break from the DT and focus on my home and some self-paced projects. This is a project I did called "Inspired Every Day-by the Everyday". I'm hoping to make this a regular series for my blog, so here is hoping that this is the first of many "everyday inspirations".

Inspired Every Day
There have been times where my desk has become a pile of “s-crap”. For months. Yes, months. Sure, I can go to the internet or look through my pages of ideas that I’ve ripped out of magazines, but what has helped me re-fuel is to look at the “everyday”. After all, isn’t that why we scrapbook? Save some time, save your money. Look around you. What can you find to inspire you? A cereal box? A bible verse? A pair of shoes? A shower curtain?

While we may have wonderful memories from vacations, weddings, and graduations, “everyday” is where we spend most of our time. And, sometimes it’s not enough to see those memories in scrapbook form. We need to let our creative juices pour out into other things…our jewelry, paintings, walls, gardens, furniture. After all, we are not just scrapbookers. We are artists.

This is the first in a series of articles to get you inspired every day, by the everyday. And I’m hoping to inspire you to make your creative juices pour out.

My first source of inspiration? My bathroom tile. I hate it. Wait, HATE is such a strong word. I really, really, really, really do not like my bathroom tile. I look at it and it screams 1966! It’s cream colored with light brown flecks (which look like freckles) and every so often there is unique tile that really screams 1966! It looks like… gear shaped snowflakes?! And while I really, really, really, really do not like it in my bathroom, I’ve used it as a source of inspiration for a scrapbook page.

Here is a picture of my tile (I told you, 1966!!!)

Here is the page that it inspired. Headline: Ugly tile inspires A Whole New World. I cut square cardstock “tiles” and fleck painted them by putting brown paint on an old toothbrush and rubbing it against a piece of plastic. After they were dry, I ran the squares through a Cuttlebug embossing folder (Swiss dots). I used Spellbinder nesting dies and Sizzix snowflake dies and assorted punches to re-create that “unique” tile design.

Right now, go look at your bathroom tile. Go. Right now, I’ll wait…Hopefully, yours is newer than 1966. But ugly or not, let it inspire your next scrapbook page. And, come back and show us your tile inspired art.

Be inspired every day, by the everyday.

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