Friday, January 27, 2012

Whatever holds...

I LOVE apples.  Not in the Gwyneth Paltrow-I'm going to name my child "Apple" kind of way, but I do LOVE apples.  I have an apple color scheme (lime green, yellow, red) going on in my kitchen, and I just wanted to show you what's taking up a little bit of space on my counter right now.
I painted my kitchen door (that leads to the garage) with a large chalkboard paint rectangle and hung a frame around it. The rest of the door still needs some lovin', so I'm not ready to show you a picture of it yet. We've been writing notes to each other, "don't forgets", grocery lists, and schedules on the chalkboard and I LOVE it. SO, we needed a "something" to hold our chalk and eraser nearby. Enter, the crafty neighbor (that's me).

This shiny silver container used to hold cashews.

I used a Fiskars notebook border punch, a Martha Stewart apple punch, and some alphabet stickers to create the wrapper.

I ran the wrapper through my Xyron machine to laminate it and then hot glued it onto the can.  Perfect holder for an eraser and chalk.  Maybe I'll make one for Gwyneth and her Apple too!


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