Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whatever is counted...

Twelve photos on the 12th of each month of 2012. 
I can do this.
I've decided to do these in photo collages that I can print out and make a nice (easy) photobook later.
Capturing life one day each month.
I sure hope we do something exciting on the 12th of each month!
sweet clementines on the kitchen table~morning coffee and VeloNews~our first snow of the season~Swimmy the wonder-fish~boys in the bathroom~ready for school~prizes from Fiskateers (thanks Rebecca)~cleaning up Christmas (Tim's Tags)~never-ending dirty dishes~snow shoe on the sod farm~getting ready for trimesters~someday we'll be able to trust him out of his crate when we are gone

If you want to play along, there is more info over at, click on "take twelve".


  1. Looking great! We have almost the same picture! LOL Did you go that meeting at Homestead?

  2. Ha, Maya..that's funny. Love all your photos-I am totally drawn to the one with your 2 boys looking in the mirror. Probably because I have 2 boys.