Thursday, January 30, 2014

Create a RAK

What is a RAK you ask?  RAK stands for Random Act of this case it is a random act of crafti-ness (and yes, crafti-ness is a real word).  Several months back, I created a post on Facebook asking for 5 people who would like to receive a RAK from me sometimes in the future.  I know it is not so random if you are asking, but several months have passed and I bet that most of those responders have long forgot that they are going to be getting a handmade gift.  I ended up with 6 quick responders and 2 people have already received their RAK.  The last 4 are getting some card sets.

Since this "polar vortex" doesn't seem to have an end in sight, I have been using up scraps and playing while I catch up on my game shows.  After all, I can't keep cooking and baking (and EATING) all the time!

When making card sets, I like to keep a common design base, but then change up each card a little bit.  All of these cards have confetti and that embossed doodle background, but after that I changed the color schemes and sentiments and ribbon so that they are all a bit different.

These cards and quick, simple, and hopefully will make someone smile when they open their mailbox.


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  1. Your cards made me smile! I'm really hoping your polar vortex ends soon...but then crafting and games shows might be a nice change of pace every now and then ;)

  2. Love the confetti! Looks like a party!