Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Create for a family connected...

Literally...for a family connected.  Connected with a bit of hot glue.  

I have totally been neglecting my scrapbooking, because I keep playing with these wood shapes from Unique Laser Designs.  Being on their Design Team is awesome, but they keep adding new items to their inventory and I keep adding to my very long wish list!   Every time I think I am ready to sit down and get some serious scrapping done, I think of something new to do with these shapes. As soon as I saw these frames, I knew I wanted to connect them for a collage.

Even though I think they would be spectacular unpainted, I decided to add some vibrant hues with acrylic paint and turn my photos to black and white. 

Connecting these intricate frames was a bit tricky, but after some experimentation, I found that hot glue covered with some acrylic packaging scraps seemed to be the best way to go. You can see a close-up on this picture above.

You know Mother's Day is right around the corner...
I'm giving this to myself!

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