Thursday, May 1, 2014

Create simply for Mom...

Sometimes simple is best.  Simple can be elegant.  Simple can be cute.  Simple can be perfect.  All these describe my mom so this card is simple perfect for her.  The Scrap It Girl Challenge for May is "Mother" or "Mother Nature" and I seem to have gotten both of these topics into these cards.  

Groovy Deb from the "rogue" FiskaFriends at Facebook gave us a challenge to use this simply happy card that she found at Splitcoaststampers.  I'm thinking it would be so fabulous using sport-balls for the circles (baseball, soccer, basketball)...I never seem to have enough "boy" cards in my stash.  I also need to make a wedding shower card and I think I will use this design for inspiration for that one too.  I'll show you all my takes on it in the future.

I liked this simple design so much, that I just simply decided to use it for cards for my grandma and mother-in-law in addition to my mom.  None of them follow my blog so my secret is safe!

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