Thursday, December 30, 2010

How do you measure a year?

365 days... 8,760 hours...525,600 minutes...31,536,000 seconds...(don't check my math).
I've been blessed with another year. A year of joys, tears, successes, fears, love.
2010 is the year I started this blog. And, while I may not have "chatted" as much as I would have liked, I am thankful to have this outlet. Even if no one is listening or reading or looking. It's mine.
In the last 24 hours, I've made a list.
11 goals for 2011.
I still have about 24 hours to change and re-arrange...
#1-Make time and take time to read.
#2-Finish our family Christmas photo mini-book. Book is made--it has no photos in it.
#3-Start a recipe scrapbook. Family favorites all in one place.
#4-Be ok with saying "no" to requests
#5-MOVE some everyday...even if it is 5 minutes. Preferably 15 minutes.
#6-Push, explore, and share my scrapping abilities. DT? I'm aiming for a secret something that I'm not willing to share yet.
#7-Initiate photo re-organization using Stacy Julian's Library of Memories method. Be ok with however far I get.
#8-Spend more time with girlfriends.
#9-Prayer and reflection everyday (and not in desperation)
#10- Dedication to a picture a day with...
#11- "one little word" for the year. Inspired by Ali Edwards here for more details... . At the end of the year, I want to make a book with those 365 photos all reflecting on this one little word...LOVING
I'll focus on what I am LOVING each day. Finding something LOVING in each day. Recognizing LOVING that is happening in each day. What's your one little word?
These are my last layouts (from Fiskateers Liftateers) of 2010.

I am LOVING these.
Happy New Year~may it be a special one.

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  1. LOve those layouts!!Some great goals u have made for yourself..I hope u have a Happy and Heelthy New Year.....Thanks for stopping by my blog..Hugs Regena