Monday, December 20, 2010

Where to put those gift cards....hmmm

I had some neighborhood friends over last night for a "wrap" party, and I taught all of them how to make these great gift card holders. They were all skeptical when I told them to bring over empty toilet paper rolls! But, we flattened the rolls, glued on papers and punches and embellishments and they were impressed with their own creativity!

To make these...
-flatten your paper roll
-cut the paper about 3/4 inch wider than your roll so you can fold the paper over one end. I found hot glue works the best for adhering this first layer of paper onto the cardboard roll.
-Cut the length just enough to wrap and overlap.
-Decorate, decorate, decorate.
-Then, make a small hole on the open end (all the way through both layers).
-Slide your gift card in and then place a brad in the hole to close it up.

Your relatives will be so impressed!


  1. Love it - I'll have to try it sometime. Have a great holiday! Love your new background.

  2. This is soo cool def going to try this the next special...occasion...:)

  3. Wow! So beautiful and elegant! Love them!
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial!


  4. How clever, Kelly! They turned out great!