Wednesday, July 18, 2012

whatever is my favorite...

Still trying to "think cool" while we plod through this heat and drought.  For me, that means using winter pics on my layouts.  These are two of my FAVORITE photos of this guy.  I love that I can see his freckles.  One day those may fade (and so may my memory) so at least I have them captured on this page.

Always being inspired by everyday things, I knew I wanted to use twine because I was inspired by the yarn stitching on his hat, but my goodness, I traced and cut this snowflake out 3 times before I was happy with the result. 

First time I tried stitching an outline of the snowflake with the twine---fail.

Second time tried wrapping the twine all along the edge---fail. 

Third time, tried gluing twine along the edge---fail.

Fourth time (ooh, I guess I traced and cut 4 times), I Stickled the edge and wrapped the stems with the twine--finally, I'm happy. 

So, lesson learned today--
if at first you don't succeed,
cut, cut, cut, and cut again. 

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  1. Kelly, I love your layout and your use of baker's twine. The snowflake looks great as well as the baker's twine around the edges. I'll have to borrow that idea!