Friday, August 24, 2012

whatever is saved...

Once again I am guilty of not being able to part with a piece of paper.  The problems are:

  • I only have one sheet of this paper left
  • It is double sided, and I LOVE both sides
  • I only have ONE sheet of this paper left
Now, you may think, "Why doesnt' she just go buy more of that paper?".  You see, I'm trying to be a good girl and use my stash. 

So, what is one to do?  This one, that's me, decided to try and re-create the pattern of the paper with paint.  You can see the original here, on the Authentique website.  It's called "Friendship" from the "Genuine" line.  You may remember that this is the line  that I wanted to wallpaper my house in (seen here).  While I do LOVE the chevron side, it's the B side that I wanted to re-create for my layout seen above.  It was just the right shade of blue to complement the gym floor in the photo.  It's sort of a wispy denim.  Oooh, that could be a new Crayola crayon color! 

So, I started with navy blue cardstock and poured some "denim" acrylic paint onto the paper.  And, I do mean poured, the cap came flying off!  I add some dark blue paint, then some white.  I was messy and careless.  It was wonderful!  I swiped the paint around with a paper towel and a dry paint brush, and then dabbed with the paper towel again.  I made the paper a little too wet with paint, but the sun is a natural dryer, so I set it out on the porch for awhile.  With some volleyball paper, alpha stickers, and a volleyball die-cut...the layout "Volleyball, Brownies, and an Eagle" was complete.

So, my precious paper is saved for another day. 
So much for using my stash.


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