Friday, January 25, 2013

Be lifted...


To me, scrapbooking is about me and my family.  It is not my "job."  And, while I LOVE it, and I sometimes dream about it being my job, I like to think that IF it was my job, it wouldn't be as much fun anymore.  This is how I rationalize to help me cope with the fact that Tim Holtz is not going to be ringing my doorbell anytime soon.

So, a little bit of recognition in my little scrapbooking world is appreciated.  This week, my Fiskateer Liftateer friends chose my scrapbook page to "lift".  "Lift"  meaning "be inspired by." 
You may remember this layout I did with photos of my husband. 
This weeks challenge gave me a chance to lift myself.  The layout at the top is the result.  A photo memory of a very fun night out with the neighbors on a pontoon boat ride that we won at a school fundraiser.
  This time, I embossed the strips of same colored cardstock as the background, and I used one photo instead of 2.  Can you spot any other differences?
Being lifted gives me a chance
to show you how to make these very easy pinwheels.
With a square piece of paper (the pinwheels on my page are different sizes, 1 1/2", 2", and 2 1/2" squares). 
*Important that your paper is a square. 
Very lightly, draw lines from one corner to the opposite
(making an "x").

From the center point, draw a small hashmark from the center in each direction.  My hashmarks are a 1/4" from the center.

Starting at each corner, cut towards the center,
stopping at the hashmarks. 
Place a glue dot in the center.

Take the right corner of each section
and attach it to the glue dot in the center.

Place a brad, button, or a small punched piece
to cover the edges in the center.
Make more, and use them on your layout or card.
They are simply addicting!


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  1. I love both the layouts! Every once in a while, I deliberately scraplift myself. It's surprisingly fun. Great job!

  2. Beautiful layout and design. Thanks for visiting and leaving the sweet luv.