Friday, March 1, 2013

Be surprised...

We had a special treat today...
Snow day

No, I am not scrapping photos from today.  These are from a snow day in 2011.  But just like then, today was filled with snow ball fights, cave digging, hot chocolate, and now Nerf dart guns.
Today's snow day, took us all by surprise.  The weathermen had said to expect 3-5 inches, done by midnight.  We are on 10+ inches and here it is still snowing at 3pm.
Just like the kids, I like surprises.  Snow days are great surprises.  I hope I never get too old to appreciate them.  I don't think I will.
This layout was created for the March Scrap It Girl 1-2-3 Challenge.  Use 1 stamp, 2 punches, and 3 patterned papers.  Let's see your creations!
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