Monday, August 12, 2013

Be different...

Being different means being willing to show what you are inside even when it might be difficult or scary.  I tell my kids all the time, "wouldn't the world be boring if everyone was the same; looked the same, like the same things."

So, who says that these Linnie Blooms shapes have to be flowers or leaves? They are so versatile that they can have a 2nd identity as footballs, shoes, and monster bodies! The ideas are only limited by your imagination! I like the way the texture of the shapes is brought out when color is added, like I did here with oil pastels. Get a bag of Linnie Blooms shapes and show us what secret identity you found your shapes waiting to reveal. You can shop HERE

Don't forget to participate in the "I SPY" game over at
Tell us how many different Linnie Blooms Shapes
you see in my cards.
And, show your differences today~it's ok.
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