Friday, August 2, 2013

Be a memory keeper...

I am the memory keeper of the Starsky family.  It's the reason I am not in very many photos.  It's the reason my children roll their eyes everytime I say, "wait, let me get my camera".   It's the reason I have a page of quotes from our family on my ipod.  It's the reason I scrap. 


The challenge this month at Scrap It Girl is MINI-BOOKS.  It was the kick I needed to make this family dictionary that has been an idea in my head for a VERY long time.
I used this fabulous paper from My Mind's Eye for the front and back covers.  I covered these wood rounded rectangles from my stash with the paper-- making sure I spread the glue thinly all over, right up to the edges (I used Tacky Glue).

I sanded the edges to make sure the paper and the wood were like one.
Then, I inked the edges.

Then, the fun part.  I cut lots of papers into 4x6 cards and typed the definitions of all of our family sayings.  It's all of our "secret codes" and all of the phrases, sayings, and names we have for things that are unique to our family.  We had kept a list on the fridge for about a week and just kept adding to it when we remembered one.  I used paper colors that coordinated with my front and back cover (turquoise, aqua, olive, lime, kraft brown, etc.)

I used my sticker stash for the word/phrase at the top of each page.  What a great way to use up my stash of alpha stickers (however, my stash doesn't appear to look any smaller--hmmm).

On some of the pages I added washi tape or a piece of ribbon or paper trim. 
On the top or side of each page I added a shape, tag, tape, or border and then glued two cards together (so the tags and shapes stick out between the two cards).

After decorating the front cover with some Sizzix alphabet letters, I punched holes in all the cards, drilled a hole in the covers with my Fiskars Hand Drill , slid in a ring, and tied a few ribbon scraps on the ring.

So, now it is your turn.  Make a mini!  Take the Scrap It Girl August Challenge--there is a great prize pack too!


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  1. Awesome project! I've had notes to do a family dictionary for years but haven't started yet. Thanks for the inspiration!