Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a First Communion, National Scrapbook Day, and spirelli

Spring means celebrations. It is Luke's First Communion this weekend and he is so excited. Here he is holding the rosary that I made for him.

Saturday is National Scrapbook Day (of course, I will be busy with the First Communion and will have limited scrapping and blog-hopping time that day). Make sure you check out the fun times at Fiskateers and Scrapbook Challenges that start on Friday and extend through the weekend.

Spirelli is Dutch string art. I was watching a PBS episode of Scrapbook Memories and saw a demonstration. So, I thought I would try it for my Scrapbook Challenges flower swap. These are coming to you Larissa!
1)Punch out a scalloped shape from cardstock.

2) Tape one end of some embroidery floss (or metallic thread would be fun too) to the back of the shape.

3) Pull the thread taut and around to the front of the shape, placing it in a "valley" on one side of the shape and then into another "valley" a few down from the last placement. You can place it directly across from the first valley or just skip a few.

4) Keep moving and wrapping in the same direction (I did counter-clockwise...probably a "lefty" thing), always wrapping the one next to the last one you placed. It goes very quickly, so don't feel bad if you get confused the first couple times and need to start over.
5) It can get a little tricky, because each valley is going to get thread placed in it twice.

6)When you are done, tape the embroidery floss on the back and trim off the excess.

These were just my first attempts. I can't wait to make some more and start using them on my layouts and cards.
Now, it's your turn. Try it and let me see your creativity flow! I'll post them here if you send them to me. E-mail it to me at

Sorry I missed the Monday recipe post (Jennifer). I'll have 2 on next Monday!


  1. THat is a pretty cool technique Kelly! Wish Luke the best on his first communion. I teach religious ed and teach the first communion classes. My class makes their first communion on Mother's Day

  2. I had a link saved in my to-do folder for Spirelli. Thanks for reminding me to get to it.


  3. I love the flower with the black floss. I'm going to have to try this and get back to you. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!