Monday, February 18, 2013

Be earth-conscious...

The time has come...
I have outgrown my itsy bitsy jar for washi tape storage that I had convinced myself was the only container I would ever need.  But when you walk past the clearance aisle and see "adorable" tape for $1, what is a girl to do?  Ignore it?  I tried. 
So, I added 3 more rolls to my collection and now my itbsy bitsy jar is too small.  Empy almond jar to the rescue.  I am recycling and earth-conscious!  One less plastic jar into a landfill!
I simply placed strips of tape around the sides of the almond jar.  Ran another strip around the top of the lid and added some alpha stickers that I stuck onto some lightweight cardboard (cereal box--more recycling).
Now, I have convinced myself that this is the only container for washi tape that I will ever need.  For now.


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