Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Be prepared...

I'm finding it funny that I called this post "Be prepared", because I wasn't.  Two weddings this month kind of snuck up on me.  I know that's crazy--I've known about the weddings for months, but with school ending and summer starting and baseball, and dance recitals, and blah, blah, blah.  I was NOT prepared. 

I had wanted to make 8x8 albums as presents for the bride and groom and needed to do them fast.  So, once again I turned to my Fiskateer friends.  I used layouts chosen by our Lead Liftateer, Groovy Deb to help inspire me to make pages.

All I needed was a little inspiration to get me going and I was able to make each album in an afternoon.  I used each layout as inspiration for 2 pages (each album was 20 pages) and then repeated them in the other album (well, actually, my very helpful, creative daughter helped too).

You would probably have a difficult time seeing similarities between my layouts and the ones I lifted---sometimes I lift the whole layout, but often it's just one or two elements that really give me inspiration.  It could be like the circles above (they were actually colorful circles about the game Twister on the original) or flower and lace placement like on the top one (which was actually part of one couple's wedding invitation).

I loved the way these turned out--I actually found metal flip frames at Michaels and decided to use those rather than putting the pages in an album.  I have a 12x12 one that I LOVE!  I'll post it next time.

It's actually very helpful and easy to make pages without pictures.  Sometimes, when I'm in a rut and just want to scrap but don't feel like being restricted, or I don't have any pictures printed out---I just create blank pages that I can pop pictures into later.

Or, I can use them as a gift.  Maybe next time, I WILL be prepared.


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  1. I loved your album, I just did that yesterday, it's not quite finished however. Great job! Penny